March 7, 2013

  •      Ben Hall: Up close and personal: His agenda; His cases; His people skills; His strength, weaknesses, etc.
  •      Experts say healthcare reform needed
  •      Supreme Court hears voting rights challenge
  •      Rosa honored with D.C. statue
  •      Michelle Obama launches program
  •      Police chief talks about Dorner tragedy
  •      Talking to kids about performance enhancing drugs
  •      Medicaid: A stepping-stone, not a stigma
  •      Entertainment: Terrence Howard opens up about acting
  •      Pro-Sports/ College Sports: Kassandra Rivera TSU golfer makes history
  •      High School Sports: Travis defeats Bush for trip to state
  •      2013 Legislative Black Summit: Chairman’s Award Dinner; Workshop Sessions; Community Awards Breakfast
  •      Chag’s Place: The Houston Area Alliance Outstanding Educators (HAABSE), The Sam Houston Area Council     of America, Troop 470, Golden Arrow District, The Houston Area Urban League 

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